The Department of Informatics which is under the Faculty of Science, was established in 2010. It offers programmes in Informatics for undergraduate students. Also, we teach CIT 100 and CIT 300 for undergraduate students from other faculties. Furthermore, the staffs from our Department do teach courses for Certificate and Diploma of Information Technology (CIT & DIT) which are hosted at Computer Centre. In the period of 2010 to 2014, more than 300 undergraduate (B.Sc. in Informatics) students have been trained. Our graduates are mainly employed as computer programmer, librarian, network engineer, web designer, database administrator, IT security expert, system administrator, and system analyst (to mention a few). Also, small proportions are employed as teachers in secondary schools for ICT subjects.

Currently, the Department has more than 20 academic staff and one administrative staff. The academic staff teaching in the Department comes from Informatics Department, Computer Centre and SNAL. Of these, some are Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers; Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers and Tutorial Assistant lecturers. Apart from participating in teaching, Informatics staffs have been involved in various research and consultancy activities.


Head Of Department

Prof. Sanga C.